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Dental Emergencies Didcot

Dental emergencies can happen and sometimes it’s an unfortunate part of life, but our team of skilled professionals are here to look after you. We always have a limited number of same day appointments available.

A dental emergency can come in many forms. It may be a sleepless night due to pain or you may have experienced the sudden shock of breaking a tooth when out at dinner with friends.

At Didcot dental studio we know how stressful a situation like this can be, and how much of an inconvenience it can cause. When you call, we’ll always find the earliest possible appointment.

The Process

1. Assessment–The dentist will carry out an assessment, this will include asking some questions regarding the issue, carrying out a clinical exam and taking any x-rays if necessary.

2. Treatment -The dentist will always do his best to perform any treatment that is necessary to solve the problem on the day of your emergency appointment. However, on occasions this is not possible because additional time is required to perform the treatment to a high standard. Thus, arrangements will be made for you to return on a separate appointment to have the treatment done.

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