Teeth in a Day Implants

"Replace missing teeth with stunning results in a single day"

About ‘Teeth in a Day’ Implants in Didcot

Usually, traditional implant procedures take a few months to complete from start to finish. Thanks to improvements in dental technology, implants can now be put in and a new set of teeth attached to them on the same day. This essentially is the ‘Teeth in a day’ procedure. It ensures that patients walk out of the clinic with a beautiful set of teeth fixed inside their mouth on the same day as the procedure.  This means that you will look great and have a beautiful new smile during the whole process.

The implants are robust, hardwearing, and secure which means you can live your day-to-day life normally. This means you can bite into an apple and chew your favourite steak straight away. As soon as you walk out of the clinic, you will have a beautiful new smile, and this will dramatically improve the quality of your life.

The treatment, also known as ‘same day teeth’, is a great choice for people with multiple missing, failing, or loose teeth. It is also good for those who have previously worn dentures but didn’t like them because they were unstable and uncomfortable.

Since a fixed bridge is put in on the same day as the implant procedure, you won't have to go without teeth for any length of time. A permanent bridge will be fitted 3months after the initial procedure.

What are the advantages of ‘Teeth in a Day’ Implants?

NO more poorly fitting dentures
NO more missing or damaged teeth
Procedure is quick and pain free!
Natural looking teeth and smile in a single visit
Durable and long lasting solution
Improves function & restores confidence
Much more stable and secure compared to dentures

Why choose 'Teeth in a Day' Implants at Didcot Dental Studio?


FREE consultation


Highly experienced implant surgeons


Stunning, reliable, natural-looking results in just one visit


0% finance available


Highly skilled, qualified and experienced dental implant team


Top quality brand implants for excellent performance

Your 'Teeth In A Day' journey at Didcot Dental Studio

1. Book Your Free Consultation - This is where you will meet one of our expert implant surgeons who will assess your suitability for the treatment. If you are interested in moving forward with the treatment, we will invite you to book in for a planning appointment.

2. Planning appointment (includes a 3D CT scan) - A CT scan will be taken of your jaw which will provide your dentist will all the necessary information to make a bespoke treatment plan for you. This will allow him to provide you with a detailed report of your mouth, including benefits and risks, and accurate treatment fees. The CT scan will aid our clinicians in planning your full arch implant treatment ensuring the treatment is carried out safely and the end result is of the highest quality. Once our implant surgeons have analysed your 3-D X-ray, you will be ready for your new smile.

3. Implant placement and fitting of new teeth - On this day, our expert full arch implant surgeon will be removing any of your existing remaining teeth, installing between 4-6 implants per jaw and fixing a temporary acrylic bridge to these implants. A dental laboratory technician will also be present who will help tailor the bespoke bridge to your mouth ensuring your new teeth look great and function perfectly. Once the surgery is completed, you can use your new teeth for smiling, eating and speaking with confidence - All in a single day

4. Review - Review appointments will be scheduled to ensure you are enjoying your new teeth as expected.

5. Final Bridge - Approximately 3-4 months after the implants have been fitted, we will replace your temporary acrylic bridge with a more permanent bridge, which will help to ensure your teeth and smile are best placed to last the test of time. Following the fitting of the final bridge, we would see you for routine examinations and hygiene visits to ensure the implants and bridge remain healthy.

Am I suitable for full arch dental implant treatment?

You are suitable for full arch dental implant treatment if:

  • You currently wear a full or partial denture
  • You have been told you are likely to lose all or most of your teeth
  • You have been told you will need a denture soon
  • You want your new teeth to be fixed in your mouth permanently so you can choose to eat whatever you like with confidence
  • You want to have the confidence that if you do a big sneeze in front of your friends, your teeth don’t fall out.
  • You are looking for a long-term solution to improving your smile and bite

'Teeth In A Day' FAQ

How much will my implants cost?

The cost of dental implants vary depending on the complexity of the case and the number of teeth being replaced. We have some basic costs on our online fee guide, however for a more accurate quotation, please book in for a consultation.

How long will my implants last?

There are many studies to show that over 90% of dental implants are still working well inside the mouth after 15 years. This proves that dental implants are an extremely viable long term solution to replacing missing teeth.

Will my implant look natural?

This comes down to the skill of the implant surgeon and dental ceramist working on your case. I am pleased to say that the team at Didcot dental studio are extremely skilled in providing dental implants that work well and look great. The implant surgeon and dental laboratory work together to ensure the implant and crown blend in perfectly with your gums and remaining teeth. We all work towards one common goal which is to make sure our patients are always happy and healthy.

Will dental implant treatment be painful?

The short answer is NO. The implant treatment will be performed under a very powerful local anaesthetic which will ensure that you are completely free of any pain or discomfort. For those of you who are more anxious, the treatment can also be carried out under sedation.

How long will my implant treatment take?

Dental implant treatment times are getting shorter as the technology behind the treatment improves. After placement of the implant, you could have a crown fitted and the treatment completed in as little as 8-12 weeks. Each case is unique, and your implant surgeon will explain treatment times in more detail to you when planning for your treatment is complete.

Am I suitable for dental implants?

Your implant dentist will carry out a thorough comprehensive assessment when you first attend the clinic and assess your suitability for implant treatment. Due to advancements in technology, dental implants are now an option for most people looking to regain their lost teeth.

What if I don’t have enough bone?

A dental implant needs enough bone around it for support. Your implant surgeon will take a CT scan to determine whether you have sufficient bone available to allow secure placement of the dental implant. If it turns out that you do not have enough bone available, procedures such as bone grafting can be used to build up bone around the implant and provide successful results.

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